​Robotics Team

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Rifle Team:

The Rifle Team is our specialty team made up of Cadets trained in marksmanship with .177 cal. air rifles. They demonstrate dedication and patience in there competition matches with other rifle teams. The team this year is commanded by C/LTC. Kelly Chilcote and coached by CSM. Harveston.

Drill Team:

          The Drill Team is one of our JROTC run, Cadet lead teams in our program. Its main focus is drill and ceremonies which manifests its self in three competitive categories: Individual Drill with Rifle, or I.D.R., is focused on issuing commands at the march and manual of arms with the M1903 Springfield; Color Guard, which focuses on the presentation of National and State Colors with a two man armed guard; and Exhibition Drill, in which convention IDR is supplemented with

"showy"  routines that involve rifle flips, spins and precise movements of the group done without command. The Drill Team is Commanded by C/LTC. Matthew Frizzell and overseen by CSM. Vallade. The Team showcases the disciple and dedication instilled by the AJROTC program.

.Academic Team:

The Academic Team is our specialty team made up of some of the brightest cadets in the Battalion. These Cadets show a high level of dedication to general studies as well as the JROTC curriculum. This year the the Academic Team is commanded by C/COL. Sandy Chen and is coached by LTC. Enicks.  

Oratorical Team

The Oratorical Team is our speciality team made up of cadets who are dedicated to develop and improve their abilities in public speaking. This year's Oratorical Team is commanded by C/LTC. Tanaisha Montgomery and is coached by LTC. Enicks. 

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Raider Team:

The Raider team is our Specialty Team made up of the fittest cadets in our Battalion. They compete against other Raider teams in various events such as obstacle courses, rope bridge construction, fitness tests, and casualty evacuation. This Year the team is Commanded by C/MAJ. Caleb Paradis. The team is coached by SAI LTC. Enicks.