Red Bank High School                 Fall 2018                     Grace IL Vento

Summer Camp

Every Summer, cadets from Red Bank, and other JROTC units in the area, take time in June to attend the JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge also known as JCLC. JCLC is held in Kentucky at Camp Wendell Ford. During this camp, each cadet goes through numerous physical and mental challenges that are meant to help them develop and improve their leadership. Some of the challenges include obstacle courses, rappelling, and rafting. “JCLC challenged my friends and I in more ways than expected: early morning PT, obstacles upon obstacles, and never-ending yelling from various Instructors. Yet, at the same time, I grew so much closer to my friends as we learned to overcome the challenges set before us. We complained together, but we also laughed together. Without a doubt, the memories I made at JCLC are some that I will never forget.”  Cadet LTC Kelly Chilcote remarked.

White Water Rafting

On September 8th, a group of our cadets met in the rifle range at 6:00 in the morning. They boarded the bus to travel to the Ocoee River for an amazing white water rafting experience. Once arriving, they were assigned to groups with a guide, to safely guide the river. Just before they went out, the cadets were taught safety precautions. Cadets expressed that the guides would try to take them through the major hits of the river. This year, one of the guides got stuck. Overall, the entire experience built better relationships and camaraderie.


9/11 Ceremony

In commemoration of the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attack, the Lion Battalion held a ceremony in the new gym during our skinny block.  A small section of the band played the National Anthem, which was followed by a moment of silence to honor those we lost 17 years ago.

Sponsor Ceremony

This year, the Lion Battalion held its annual Sponsor Ceremony in the New Gym on 24 October 2018 at 6:00 P.M to honor the 7 Senior Sponsors who support the JROTC program. Each sponsor is escorted by a senior cadet and given a rose to show respect and honor them. As always, the event is always mandatory for all cadets to attend. During the event, we had reviewing officials, who were Colonel of Cadets, Sandy Chen, and the Assistant Principal, Mr. Weathers, select the best marching company. Colonel of Cadets Sandy Chen was awarded The Bronze Legion of Valor for Academic Excellence, the highest award in JROTC. This year’s best marching company was Bravo company which is commanded by Cadet Captain Glendy Perez.

Veterans Day

On November 11th, on a Sunday morning, 24 cadets from the Red Bank JROTC program voluntarily went down to the National Cemetery on 1200 Bailey Avenue to honor the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. A large group of cadets helped guide and park cars for the Ceremony. In addition, there were cadets along the road to salute passing veterans. Afterward, the cadets stayed for the ceremony.

Blood Drive

On November 13th, 74 people signed up to donate blood for our annual fall blood drive.  As a school, we donated 57 pints of blood. We also had 27 first time donors. With the help of command, staff, and cadets, we were able to have a successful blood drive because of all the support and help throughout the school. We had a proper amount of runners and we were able to rotate and pull students out of class escorting them to the rifle range. We were able to finish the blood drive early, which allowed the Blood Assurance Agency to be able to leave around 2pm.

Etiquette Seminar

On November 6th, 33 cadets traveled to the Hamilton County Education Association building where Mrs. Margaret Ann Pritchard, instructor at the Manners and Protocol, awaited for them. Cadets were taught the behavior and expectations at formal events as well as formal dining etiquette. Cadets were also taught to how greet and introduce themselves, set a table, and eat properly, while Mrs. Pritchard walked the cadets through the four-course meal, the cadets ended the seminar learning how to write a proper thank you letter. “It was a great experience, and I learned a lot of things I can use in the future” stated Cadet Hannah Ellis.


Raider Team

The Red Bank JROTC Raider Team, Commanded by Cadet LTC Caleb Paradis, had an outstanding season. Throughout the season, the team consisted of two co-ed teams. The teams competed in three Hamilton County competitions. The team went through challenging events

including Cross-country Rescue, Gauntlet, and Rope Bridge. Overall in Hamilton County, the A team earned 1st place. The A team continued on to compete in the 2018-2019 Tennessee State Championship held at Soddy-Daisy High School where they received 3rd place in the State Competition. Receiving 3rd place at state did not stop the team from traveling to LFO to compete in the Catoosa Challenge where they took 1st place overall to wrap up the season. Two of our senior male cadets, Matthew Moore and Caleb Paradis received Best Male Raider for the season.

Drill Team

This year the Drill Team is commanded by Cadet Colonel Matthew Frizzell. So far, the team has competed in the Ridgeland Drill Meet and hosted a Drill Meet on December 2nd. The team plans to compete at UTC on February 16th, and three Hamilton County competitions on February 7th, 14th, and 21st. They also plan to travel to the annual 7th Brigade competition on March 8th and 9th.

Rifle Team

Red Bank High School Rifle Team currently has a win:loss record  of 7-1. The team consists of 10 members commanded by Cadet Colonel Kelly Chilcote. This is Kelly’s second and last year leading the Rifle Team. Their upcoming events are The Superintendent’s Trophy Match on February 9th held at Howard High School, and the 7th Brigade Competition held in Fort Knox, Kentucky on March 9th.  

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