​Red Bank High School JROTC

JUNE 2018:


4-8th - JCLC Summer Camp


8th - Whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. Voluntary for cadets.

4th - Raider Competition at Central High School

11th - 9/11 Ceremony in the New Gym during third block. Attendance is mandatory.

11th - Raider competition at Hixson High School

18th - Raider Competition at Sale Creek

21st - Constitution Day at the Federal Courthouse

21-22nd - Raider competition at Soddy Daisy High School

28th - Panoramic photo in the New Gym

28-29th - LFO Raider Competition 

October 2018:

2nd - Raider Meet at Ooltewah High School

5th - Hall of Fame Ceremony in the New Gym, cadets required for Arch of Sabers, parking, and escorts for honorees

6-7th - Ronald McDonald Autumn Festival

8th - Raider Competition at Soddy Daisy HS

18th - Sponsor Ceremony on the Band Field/in the New Gym. Mandatory Attendance 

25th - Sponsor Ceremony on the Band Field/New Gym. Mandatory attendance.

November 2018:

2nd - Individual and Group Photos. Mandatory attendance. All cadets must be in uniform. Rifle Competition against Sequoyah HS

​6th -  Etiquette Seminar. Selected cadets will go on the trip, where they will be taught various social graces and how not to eat like a heathen. Seniors have priority, Top 3 required to serve meals to their underlings

8th - Individual/Group photos.

8th - Rifle Match v. Ooltewah at Red Bank HS

11th - Veterans day. Selected Cadets will go with SGM. Vallade to the Chattanooga National Cemetery to honor veterans

​13th - Fall blood drive. Some cadets will be required to set appointments during both lunches the week before. all those willing to donate must be 16 years or older. Staff must assist in running the drive.

15th - Rifle Match v. Sale Creek at Sale Creek HS

29th - Rifle Match v. Soddy Daisy at Red Bank HS

December 2018: 

1st - Annual Drill Meet. All Cadets in Raider, Rifle, and Drill are required to be present to assist in running the event. For the Battalion staff it is extra mandatory, because you will be in charge of scores

1st - Red Bank Christmas Parade. All cadets that may volunteer to march in the parade in exchange for a Uniform make up grade or extra credit

6th - Rifle Match v. Central at Red Bank HS

13th - Rifle Match v. Howard at Howard HS

January 2019:

24th - Rifle Match v. Sequoyah at Sequoyah HS

25th- Mock Inspection.

31st - Rifle Match v. Brainerd at Brainerd HS

February 2019:

7th - Rifle Match v. East Ridge at East Ridge HS

8th - Military Ball on Southern Bell. Females will be required to dress modestly. males in JROTC will Wear Class A uniform with a white dress shirt and black bow tie. Males not in JROTC will be required to dress in Formal attire.

28th - Formal JPA inspection and Continuous Improvement Plan Briefing

March 2019:

5th - Spring Blood Drive

3rd - Rifle Team trophy match at Howard HS. 

​8th-9th - 7th Brigade Competition. Drill, Rifle and Academic teams will travel to Fort Knox, Kentucky to compete.

15-17th - Spring trip

April 2019:

9-13 - Cadet Challenge

17th - Award Ceremony

May 2019:

1st - Specialty Team Banquet 

3rd - Armed Forces Day Parade, Cadets will be bussed downtown to march in the annual parade, Mandatory Event all cadets must attend 

4th - Red Bank Jubilee Parade 

June 2019:

Summer Camp