​Red Bank High School JROTC

On November 15th, Lion Battalion held our first ever flag burning ceremony as part of the flag collection service learning project. Over two months, our leadership class collected old, fading, or tattered flags to be ceremoniously disposed of with honor.

On May 4th, 2018 the entire Battalion Marched in the Annual Armed forces day parade, this year there where over 100 entries into the parade, and Red Bank Won 1st place for marching for our third year in a row.

The following day, volunteer cadets also marched at the annual Red Bank Jubilee.

Honorary Flag Burning Ceremony

JROTC Fall Blood Drive

Annual Raider Team Competitions

JROTC Spring Blood Drive

Etiquette Seminar

Annual Drill Meet

Military Ball

Constitution Day Speech

On October 5th all cadets attended the hall of fame ceremony, in which the school recognizes previous graduates for their outstanding reputation in and out of school. All Specialty Teams worked as escorts before the ceremony began.


On September 17th, selected cadets attended Constitution Day at the Federal Court House, where they learned about the importance of the United States Constitution.

On October 6th and 7th the Lion Battalion, though the Interact club, provided volunteers to assist in running the Ronald McDonald House Fall Festival.

Cadets learn to help others while providing the community.

​On September 8th, 50 cadets volunteered to enjoy a white water rafting experience along the Ocoee River.

The Cadets were put in placed into boats and with the guide of an instructor rafted down the rapids.

Chattanooga History Bowl

JCLC Summer Program

​​On January 5th, our Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams Competed in the 2019 Chattanooga history bowl. Our Varsity team placed First,and two of our members won First and Third place in the individual History Bee, and three of them qualifying for the National Tournament.

Sponsor Ceremony

Annual White Water Rafting Experience

​From January 25th-27th, 42 Cadets went on the Winter Trip to Charleston, South Carolina. They stayed aboard the USS Yorktown, a WWII aircraft carrier, for two nights, and were given a boat tour of the Charleston Harbor.

On September 11th all cadets participated in a ceremony honoring the lives lost in the 9/11 Attacks.

This was also many cadets first experience with a ceremony.

​On November 11th 57 cadets attended the Veteran's Day Ceremony at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

RBHS was the largest group as they assisted in the parking, directing traffic of, seating, and pinning veterans.  

On April 17th, the battalion held the annual awards ceremony, in which select cadets were awarded for academic achievement, physical aptitude, and outstanding leadership.

In addition, the Colonel of Cadets, Battalion Commander, and Battalion Executive Officer for the 2018-2019 school year were promoted.

Annual Formal Inspection

Annual Award Ceremony

Annual Charleston Trip


On December 2nd, Lion Battalion held our annual Drill Meet. Schools from across the region, including programs from Georgia and Kentucky, traveled to compete. Because of the work of Command and Staff, and the Corps of Cadets the event was able to run ahead of time and with no problems.

Hall of Fame Ceremony

Interact Club Ronald McDonald Festival

Beginning on September 25th, the Raider team begins their annual competitions, where cadets can compete with their strength and agility against other teams.

Armed Forces Day Parade

The Red Bank High School Lion Battalion hosts numerous events that build leadership, team building, and unit cohesion. From summer programs like JCLC to volunteer events like the blood drive, cadets help improve their community and themselves at the same time.

​On November 11th 57 cadets attended the Veteran's Day Ceremony at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

RBHS was the largest group as they assisted in the parking, directing traffic of, seating, and pinning veterans.  

​​On June 8th-12th 12 Cadets attended JCLC at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where they learned leadership skills and developed comradery.

Cadets also had fun competing in rafting and intramural competitions, as well as obstacle courses.

On March 5th, 2019 the Staff, in coordination with Blood Assurance, held the annual spring blood drive, once again providing blood for those who need it.

9/11 Remembrance Ceremony

​On February 8th, we held our annual Military Ball aboard the Southern Belle riverboat in downtown Chattanooga.

Cadets were given a peaceful night of dancing and relaxation sailing the Tennessee River.

​On February 28th, the battalion held its annual formal JPA inspection. Overall, the battalion scored a 96.1, and maintained its status as an Honor Unit With Distinction- the highest possible award.

On October 25th, all cadets participated in the annual sponsor ceremony to commemorate          the JROTC sponsors who support the JROTC program.

This ceremony has been celebrated longer than any other program in the United States to remember the time when JROTC did not accept female cadets.

Veterans Day Ceremony

On November 6th, selected cadets went to the 14th annual Etiquette Seminar hosted by Mrs. Margaret Ann Pritchard.

We would also like to thank the Erlanger Hospital for sponsoring this year's event.