Academy Staff

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Coordinating Staff: 


Adjutant. Responsible for the award and promotion orders, as well as J.U.M.S. (Joint Unit Management System).

Security Officer. Conducts daily and visual security checks, as well as weekly and monthly inventory inspections to ensure all items are accounted for. The cadet also makes weather recommendations for ceremonies and events.

Operations Officer. Responsible for training and general operation of the Battalion and JROTC program.

Cadet Battalion Supply Officer. Responsible for the maintenance, security, issue, and return of all property in the JROTC program.


Public Affairs Officer, maintains current activity posters and the unit scrapbook as well as coordinating with the RBHS yearbook and newspaper staff. The S-5 also produces a JROTC newsletter once per semester.



Communications Officer, Responsible for the monitoring and updating of the website, as well as all PA systems for ceremonies and events. The S-6 is also providing technical support within the JROTC Program, such as assisting cadets with online resources and operation/maintenance of technological equipment in the possession of the program.

Commanders & Personal Staff:

The Commander consists of the Colonel of Cadets, Battalion Commander, and Battalion Executive Officer. The Special and personal staff consists of the  Command Sergeant Major and Chaplain.

Colonel of Cadets:

Commanding officer of all JROTC cadets. The Colonel of Cadets is responsible for all that the unit does or fails to do and serves as a liaison to the community for the Battalion. 

Battalion Commander:

Awarded the rank of Colonel, in charge of the battalion on the parade field. The BCO also assists in the maintaining of the J.U.M.S. program
Battalion Executive Officer:

Assumes command of the battalion during the absence of the Cadet Battalion Commander. The Battalion XO is also responsible for the coordinating and special staffs.


Cadet Command Sergeant Major:

Responsible for the other NCO's. Senior NCO of the Battalion.

Company Commanders:

Company commanders are seniors put in charge of the three companies, they are responsible for training new cadets in Drill and Ceremonies, and maintaining discipline in the ranks .





         The Educational focus of the Leadership Academy are the areas of Finance/Marketing, Business/Technology, and Public Service.  The Leadership Academy has Instructors in the departments of English, History, Math, Science, Technology and JROTC. The JROTC Leadership Academy Cadet Staff is comprised of the Colonel of Cadets, The Battalion Commander, the Battalion Executive Officer, the Battalion S-1 through S-6, and the Company Commanders.

Each month, we award one company the Company of the Month Award.

Company of the Month:

Alpha Company

Cadets of the Month:
Each semester, one Cadet is selected from each LET level and awarded the Cadet of the Month Award, the latest winners are:​

LET I/II: Taylor Turner

LET III/IV:  Gracie Brown

LET V/VI: ​Alexis Grant

Ricardo Vasquez

​Red Bank High School JROTC